So I’m back from an overly-long break from blogging. Unfortunately, my first attempt may have been a bit too ambitious so I’m going to try to scale back to one blog post per week from now on. Also, its been pointed out to me that some of my older posts have been a bit dry, and that I should endeavor to make my topics more “juicy”, so I’m going to try to do just that as well. Don’t get too excited just yet; this post is not going to be about racks of any kind. In fact, Rack City is the name of the intramural basketball team that I play on here at UT. I don’t know why…

With our intramural season about to begin, I thought I’d critically analyze our team, player by player.  To protect our players’ identities, I’ll avoid using their names.

Lets start with one of our highest scorers:


He may not look it, but this kid is ferocious. He is lightning fast and fearless at driving to the hoop. Unfortunately, he is also fearless about shooting any and every shot that comes his way, a tendency he must work to suppress if we hope to go deep in the playoffs this year.

NBA Comparison: Russel Westbrook

Next up is our starting center and leading rebounder:

Cool and supremely confident, this player towers over the competition. He fights tenaciously for rebounds and loose balls, and is a great team player. His muscular frame makes him a good defender as well, and is without question a key cog for our team.

NBA Comparison: Omer Asik


Another one of our team’s incredible (get it? yeah, it took me a while too) players is a smooth shooting and extremely quick guard. You may not believe it, but he has considerable power in those arms and legs, enough to get up and down the court in a hurry and shred defenses with crisp bounce passes.

NBA Comparison: Joe Johnson

This player was a key forward for our team last year. A versatile player, he has a series of deft post moves as well as a great three point shot. Unfortunately, he missed our playoff game last year (which we lost), and so I think we’ll bench him until he shows more commitment to the team.

NBA Comparison: Luis Scola

Another one of our key big men. The picture says it all.

NBA Comparison: Josh Smith

Now lets look at these two crucial bench pieces:

More athletic than he looks, the player on the left is a lethal shooter from three point range. With pinpoint form and accuracy, we often rely on this player to space the floor and knock down spot up shots from the perimeter. Unfortunately, he missed all of our games last year, and so we’ll be looking for him to play with twice as much heart this year to make up for it.

NBA Comparison: Steve Novak

Now, the one of the right is a pretty good shooter as well. Unfortunately, we find his defense to be suspect at best and his leisurely habits have made it quite difficult for him to play long stretches on the court at a time. I suspect a bench role would suit him best.

NBA Comparison: Brian Cardinal

Last but certainly not least, is our player-coach:

Displaying great shot selection and offensive awareness, this player only missed two shots all of last season. He is in a different age group than his peers, and so this year, he’ll likely take on more of a role on the sidelines, directing our team’s strategy and providing moral support. Of course, if the game gets out of hand, don’t be surprised to see him get on the court and work his hardest to bring the team back all by himself.

NBA Comparison: Derek Fisher

Now wait, you may ask, how is that enough talent to win any games? That’s where I come in.

NBA Comparison: LeBron James.

Thanks for reading and wish Rack City luck in this upcoming Intramural season!


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