Rao’s Recipes

Ever gotten tired of cereal for breakfast? Well then, this is going to change your life. Forever. Below you’ll find a few awesome smoothies/fruit juices that I make and drink often in the mornings. They’re a great breakfast item; they’re incredibly easy and quick to make, they’re healthy and nutritious, and they’re all very delicious.

Apple Banana Smoothie:

·         1 Banana

·         1 Apple or 1 Pear

·         A few nuts (almonds, walnuts, etc.)

·         About a cup of milk


This one is particularly filling, since it’s basically like eating a whole apple and banana.

Grape Juice:

·         A lot of grapes

·         Some ice cubes

·         Some water


Use purple grapes (red grapes?) for an especially sweet juice, or try green grapes for a tart, refreshing beverage.

Watermelon Juice:

·         A bunch of chopped watermelon pieces

·         Some water

·         A pinch of lemon juice


This is a great summer drink. It’s tasty and relaxing.

Green Juice :

·         A chunk of pineapple

·         A few grapes

·         A small piece of apple

·         A small piece of banana

·         Some kale or some spinach


Super healthy, and with all the fruits in there you don’t even taste the veggies.

Cantaloupe Juice:

·         A bunch of pieces of cantaloupe

·         A bit of milk


Another great summer drink.

I usually use a Magic Bullet to make my smoothies in college, so they’re not always as smooth and consistent as the ones we make at home with our bid ‘ol blender, but it’s still good enough. So yeah, get a magic bullet or some other blender, and use these drinks to transform your mornings. You’re welcome.


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