Fantasy Fantasy

Like most members of the Roundtable, I am in a fantasy football league. And while I love the game, I really wanted to take it to the next level this year, so me and my buddy Vikram decided to do a fantasy fantasy football league. Yeah, you read that right. A fantasy fantasy football league. What does this mean? Well, our league is a standard scoring 10 team league, and from that pool of 10 teams, Vikram and I will draft our own fantasy team of fantasy teams.

In this post, we’re going to go through the strategy for a fantasy fantasy league and walkthrough our draft.

First, here’s our league, in all it’s glory. I’m in a respectable second place, and land fourth in the points for metric. A novice fantasy fantasy player might simply just draft based on the standings, going straight down the list. But past performance does not predict future performance, especially in a game as fickle as fantasy football. No, my fantasy fantasy criteria is much more elaborate. But before we dive into that, it’s important to know the rules of any league you’re participating in. Here are our rules:

  • 3 Starter Teams, 1 Bench Team – So two teams are going to be left out as free agents. How embarrassing. More importantly, the bench space is quite small relative to the starter space.
  • Scoring: Each starter team scores points equal to the points they score in the fantasy league. Each week, the fantasy fantasy team with the most points is awarded a win. If both teams have the same record at the end of the season, the fantasy fantasy team with the most total points wins. Pretty simple stuff.
  • Waivers: Doesn’t really matter. Two of the teams in our league suck, so they will probably go on waivers and stay on waivers.

Ok, so now to my drafting criteria:

  • Team Strength – Obviously, you need a team with great players who are going to score a lot of points.  Moving on…
  • Team Depth – This is a huge one. Over the course of a grueling fantasy football season, injuries happen. Several have happened already.  I definitely don’t want a team that will be derailed by injuries or lack production during bye weeks.
  • Management – In my opinion, this is going to be hugely underrated on draft day. A fantasy team is not going to win on its own, and a good owner can transform a decent team into a great one, through a combination of waiver wire pickups, good trades, and smart start/sit decisions. Likewise, a crappy owner can easily mess up and screw up a top tier team.

Now let’s see how this criteria plays out in practice. Without further ado, here’s the draft:

  1. Team Vik – ZeeSean McCoy
  2. Team Shrin – Graham Crackers
  3. Team Shrin – Team Pham
  4. Team Vik – Los Cunados
  5. Team Vik – ()
  6. Team Shrin – Team Nayak
  7. Team Shrin – New England Murderers
  8. Team Vik – Johnny Hiesmanberg

Free Agents – Hakeem Snickers, Rice Owls


I meant to post this four weeks ago when we had our draft…so the above draft order might seem weird to you now. But anyway, now that I didn’t post it, I have four weeks of results to fill you in on!!

Team Shrin 4-0

Team Vik 0-4

Fantasy fantasy championship here I come!


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